Few Things Tourists Should Never Do in London

By | December 20, 2018

Do not stand in the left

Often regarded as the golden rule of London, never stand on the left of an escalator in the London Underground. It is because, in London, the left is meant for walking and right for standing. Failing to oblige in such circumstances will earn your dirty looks and comments.

Prevent from going to the Natural History Museum on school holidays

Everyone wants to get a glimpse of the dinosaurs in the museum and enrich their minds with knowledgeable facts. But going to the Natural History Museum on school holidays will mean you will end up wasting hours on a queue which is unfortunately not worth the wait, if you do plan on going, go when there are no school holidays.


Do not ask anyone, if they know the Queen

It is ridiculous to ask the English people if they know the Queen. Although Britain may seem small on the map, it is not the case. It has a population of over 60 million people. The truth is the general public pays little to no attention to the Queen as they see her everywhere and in the TV constantly.

Prevent from paying full price for an attraction without prior online check

It is usually on the list of every first time tourist in London to visit various attractions such as the Westminster Abbey etc. and many end up paying full price to see such attractions, instead of research in advance about discounts available when booking in advance.

Do not stop in front of the carriage entrance

The underground is extensive and efficient systems of the metro which can at time become overcrowded ending up making the commute unbearable. So anything a fellow commuter can do to obstruct this process of a convenient commute and create overcrowding. A tip to bear in mind is to spread out in the platform rather than crowding to board the carriage.

Do not spend money on tourist fish and chips spots, instead spend on local chippy

Tourists are often taken to destinations where they are hustled for a typical fish and chips meals and end up paying more than what is necessary. So to tackle this, find your nearby local small takeaway shop or chippy and order an original fish and chips. Go to Finsbury Park or Clapham instead of a posh pub in Covent Garden.

Spending Money

Do not use the Tube from Leicester Square to Covent Garden

Tourists often fall victim to the idea that the London Tube is the best mode of transportation to reach various destinations. No doubt it is, but sometimes walking can help you achieve your destination faster than using the Tube. It is only a six-minute walk from Leicester Square to Covent Garden, using the Tube could take much longer.