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Largest Museum Of London

We’d love to see this! So far the places are

  • National Park
  • Museum of Transport
  • Royal Botanical Garden
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Tower Bridge
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Borough Market

London Street Art Full

Greenwich Park

Tower of London - Tower Bridge

Big Ben House

London Bridge

Kensington Palace

Destination Out Of Most Famous

Fortnum & Mason

The upmarket department store in London has its own uniqueness. It is known for its amazing food, tea, and wine.

Faint Museum

The museum holds a lot of historical importance. It is definitely a place that could provide its visitors with a lot of information.

Off Way Street

The ideal place to experience the vintage London. The place also has some amazing restaurants that can really treat your taste buds.

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Top Clubs of London

Top Clubs of London


Get an opportunity to explore one of London’s most famous dance clubs, the Fabric. This grand club consists of three rooms where one is home to a bodysonic dance floor. The Fabric has hosted a lot of world-renowned DJs. You can find music pumping anywhere from techno, electro, disco and drum n bass.


Heaven is a famous London nightclub which consists of three dance floors and can host over a 1000 party goers. Situated in the heart of London near Charing Cross station, the club plays different themes each day and hosts regular sets of live music.



If you want to party along with a comfortable and friendly crowd, Cargo is the go-to option as it is held under the railway arches of Shoreditch and plays a wide range of music. It is a cool club without a doubt.

Ministry of Sound

Without an absolute doubt, the Ministry of Sound is one of the most famous clubs in London – make sure to show up in a luxury car rental from Apex Cars in London for some extra style points. This club has been housing night clubbers and ravers for over 25 years. The vast club consists of four dance floors, four bars, and five different rooms. Famous names in the music industry play here.

Printworks London

The nightclub today once operated as the largest printing press structure in Canada Water. The large industrial building turned nightclub offers a large venue for well over 5000 party goers. Famous DJs such as the Chemical brothers play here.

Studio 338

The massive club has an additional benefit of an open terrace. Studio 338 hosts parties till dawn accompanied by best in class sound systems and a party-loving crowd. The club is a mere walk away from the O2 arena at North Greenwich. Its also close to Apex Luxury Car Hire London, a premium luxury car rental agency about which you can learn more here.


XOYO has hosted some of the major headline artists and is famous for techno, house music, and dance. It is a comparatively small two-room nightclub near the old street roundabout in Shoreditch.


Electric Brixton

Regarded as one of the best nightclubs of all of South London, the Electric Brixton opened in 2011 and is known for its top class speaker system, and home to regular techno, electronica, house music and dance music accompanied by live sets of the some of the biggest names.

Egg London

The Egg London is a legendary nightclub composed of five different areas themed around a club in Ibiza. This London favorite is characterized by best in class sound systems, outdoor courtyard, and massive dance floor. The Egg London hosts parties even after sunrise.

Corsica Studios

If you are looking for innovative new and experimental music and sounds, Corsica Studios situated in South London is your destination. It is composed of two areas of music accompanied by an intriguing and live bar. A more friendly and artistic crowd along with numerous students can be observed here.

Top Attractions of London

Top Attractions of London

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

You can make your trip magical by attending a studio tour of Warner Brothers, London. You get the extraordinary opportunity to apprehend the real magic that took place behind the cameras and sets of the world-famous Harry Potter series. You get to soak in the ultimate Harry Porter experience by seeing first-hand the real costumes, sets, props used in the film and exploring locations including Dumbledore’s office and Hagrid’s hut.

King kong

Buckingham Palace Tour

No trip to London is complete without visiting and exploring the official residence of the Queen of Britain. Bear in mind that this year is commemorated as the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria which makes the Palace open for visitors and tourists from 20th July to 29th September.

Churchill War Rooms

Get an opportunity to explore the underground headquarters of Churchill and how he along with the government devised and planned battle strategies, collected data and directed the course of the Second World War. It is located in central London near Westminster Station.

Coco-Cola London Eye

With a doubt one of the most famous attractions and significant feature of the London skyline, the Coco-Cola London Eye provides a breath-taking view of the capital from its 32 capsules. You get the never before opportunity to view over more than fifty monuments of London, all under half an hour through a ride in the London Eye at its various heights of rotation.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is regarded as one of the most famous buildings in the world. This historic structure has served multiple purposes over the years. The 900-year-old structure entails its age-old history depicting varied purposes it served from being a Royal palace, prison, execution shelter, storage of jewels and zoo.

Sea Life London

Visiting Sea Life London enables you to discover the underwater aquatic life by coming in contact with over 400 species of marine animals including sharks, stingrays, clown fish, and eels. Get to see very rare species of turtles and more. The establishment also provides you with the necessary knowledge on fish and how to feed it, take care of it and know it better.

Sea Life

Madame Tussauds London

At Madame Tussaud’s house of wax museum, you get to come face to face with real-life wax figures of various influential personalities from politics, sport, show business and more.

The view from the Shard

Tend to visit the Shard to get a bird’s eye view of the famous London Skyline, better than the renowned view from the London Eye. Get to a glimpse of London from Western Europe’s tallest structure. The view from the observation deck of the Shard gives a picture at 800 feet.

London Dungeon

Are you ready to face the darkest history of the capital, London Dungeon, with live performances from actors, thrilling special effects and adventurous rides for 90 minutes? It is a great entertaining experience.

Hop on hop off bus tour

One of the best-selling London Bus Tours, purchasing a 24-hour ticket gives the opportunity to hop on and off the tour buses and explore some of the famous destinations of London such as the Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abby, Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, etc.


Things To Do in London During The Summer

Things To Do in London During The Summer

Visit the Regent’s Park open-air theatre

The Regent’s Park open air theatre can seat over 1250 audience enabling them to enjoy plays, films, and musicals.

Watch a street performance

It is intriguing to watch a live street performance being played out by the various comedians, entertainers, musicians, and jugglers in the Piazza of Covent Garden. So grab a beverage and enjoy the live show.

See a film on a rooftop

The pop-up events conducted in venues such as Kensington, Stratford, Peckham and Shoreditch organized by the rooftop film club provide comfortable chairs along with blankets in case the temperature lowers. It is an experience to watch a cinema on a rooftop.


Listen to live jazz in the park

Summer sees a lot of live fantastic jazz performances in the Pavillion café of Greenwich Park. So grab a meal or beverage and tap your feet to the rhythmic beats of jazz.

Dance at gigs or festivals

The British Summertime Hyde Park hosts one-day music festivals with various top names in the music industry.

Soak in the music at Somerset House

Tend to spend the summer by getting tickets for an open-air concert and enjoying the music of some of the most prominent artists in the industry.

Witness a Shakespeare play at the Globe

You can get the chance to experience a Shakespeare play being performed live in the open air Globe Theatre.

Watch an outdoor opera at Holland Park

Holland Park during the summer usually delivers over six different operas making it a truly different experience.

Soak in the carnival spirit

If you love vibrant colors, dancing, and Caribbean delicacies, do not miss out on the Notting Hill Carnival which is the largest annual street festival.

Attend a one-day festival

London’s parks serve as a venue for a line-up of artists of almost all genres without the need for a night of camping.

Go for a horse ride

You can saddle up and go for a thrilling horse ride in Richmond Park and Hyde Park.

Go for a swim

London has a variety of ponds, lakes, and pools such as the Hampstead health ponds, so enjoy the day by going for a swim.


Indulge in a game of mini golf

Visit the Putt in the park for a game of mini golf while enjoying each point with a pint of refreshing beer.

Visit a beach

London is not on the coast side, so the beach you can visit is in Camden, where you can go and relax on the lazy beach while hearing the sound of wave’s crashing.

Few Things Tourists Should Never Do in London

Few Things Tourists Should Never Do in London

Do not stand in the left

Often regarded as the golden rule of London, never stand on the left of an escalator in the London Underground. It is because, in London, the left is meant for walking and right for standing. Failing to oblige in such circumstances will earn your dirty looks and comments.

Prevent from going to the Natural History Museum on school holidays

Everyone wants to get a glimpse of the dinosaurs in the museum and enrich their minds with knowledgeable facts. But going to the Natural History Museum on school holidays will mean you will end up wasting hours on a queue which is unfortunately not worth the wait, if you do plan on going, go when there are no school holidays.


Do not ask anyone, if they know the Queen

It is ridiculous to ask the English people if they know the Queen. Although Britain may seem small on the map, it is not the case. It has a population of over 60 million people. The truth is the general public pays little to no attention to the Queen as they see her everywhere and in the TV constantly.

Prevent from paying full price for an attraction without prior online check

It is usually on the list of every first time tourist in London to visit various attractions such as the Westminster Abbey etc. and many end up paying full price to see such attractions, instead of research in advance about discounts available when booking in advance.

Do not stop in front of the carriage entrance

The underground is extensive and efficient systems of the metro which can at time become overcrowded ending up making the commute unbearable. So anything a fellow commuter can do to obstruct this process of a convenient commute and create overcrowding. A tip to bear in mind is to spread out in the platform rather than crowding to board the carriage.

Do not spend money on tourist fish and chips spots, instead spend on local chippy

Tourists are often taken to destinations where they are hustled for a typical fish and chips meals and end up paying more than what is necessary. So to tackle this, find your nearby local small takeaway shop or chippy and order an original fish and chips. Go to Finsbury Park or Clapham instead of a posh pub in Covent Garden.

Spending Money

Do not use the Tube from Leicester Square to Covent Garden

Tourists often fall victim to the idea that the London Tube is the best mode of transportation to reach various destinations. No doubt it is, but sometimes walking can help you achieve your destination faster than using the Tube. It is only a six-minute walk from Leicester Square to Covent Garden, using the Tube could take much longer.